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Happy February! I hope you all have had some time to recover from the holidays. Personally, I’m thankful to get back into the regular swing of things. There is something so grounding in a daily routine that really helps to keep me on track. Prioritizing nourishment to my body, mind and home. Keep this in mind as you move through this month and remember to be patient with yourself as you transition into a routine. Greatness takes time. 


This month, let’s discuss the difference between a “Clutter Catcher” and a “Catch All”. One is good. One is not. 


A “clutter catcher” is a vessel used to catch common household clutter. Examples include a basket for your mail, a jar for your change, a dish for your keys. Think of something that is everywhere, throughout the house and contain it. These keep your space tidy and eventually it becomes second nature to toss items into their home. 


A “catch all” is used as a crutch to prevent us from getting fully organized. Examples include closet or bedroom chairs, an unnecessary dish rack, a laundry basket that remains full. These are the areas that are prone to clutter because you can just toss it and get to it later. Don’t get me wrong, it's ok to have a basket of clothes, but when that basket has remained on the floor for 3 weeks and you continuously have to dig to find an outfit, you may be living in unnecessary clutter. A chair in your closet is too easy to just pile up with clothes. Dish racks will go days, even weeks without being emptied. Ask yourself, can I complete this task in under 5 minutes? If the answer is yes, then do it right then and spare yourself the stress of having to do it later. Can’t get to it right now? Put a note in your phone calendar and set an alarm on a day to have it done by. One task a day or the whole haul all at once. It doesn’t matter. It’s on your to do list, so it’s now a priority. Identify your catch all areas and eliminate the clutter!


Fun fact: February 10th starts the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the year of the Dragon. This represents the first new moon of a lunar calendar and is commonly celebrated in North Asia. In feng shui, the year of the Dragon holds significance in the sense of energetic shifts. Consider the mannerisms of dragons: strong, majestic, temperamental, aggressive, protective. All very intense expressions that can be used to empower or destroy. Guide yourself wisely with the bold energy that will, undoubtedly, come with this year. 


Next month, we will dive into the dark world of “guilt” clutter. It’s going to be a doozy. Be sure to read my article for more tips!

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