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Need clutter removed?
Let me give your old items a new life!

STARTING AT $300 FOR 240 sq. ft.

This separate service is perfect for anyone who just has clutter that needs to be removed. We know how difficult it can be to dispose of clutter in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way. Our goal is to make doing the right thing easy for you.

Our team collects and separates items such as hazardous household waste, recyclables, and donation items, ensuring they are all disposed of properly. We are committed to decreasing the amount of unwanted items in landfills, and by working with local recycling and thrift stores, we are also able to give back to the community.

What we can take:

Where is my stuff going?

Thrift Shops: Northside Neighborhood House Red Bank Thrift Store, The Thrift Store to benefit Chambliss Center for Children
Recycling: Red Bank Recycling Center, City of Chattanooga Recycle Center
*We also work closely with New Terra Compost and Recycling to provide you with long term strategies to keep you clutter free!
Household Hazardous Waste: Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility in Chattanooga.
Ink Cartridges & Batteries: Staples & Office Depot

We prioritize community involvement, giving back, and playing our part. This is why we actively engage with the community through various initiatives such as drives, events, and addressing specific needs. By doing so, we ensure that our donations are directed to where they can make the most meaningful difference. Our goal is to make doing the right thing the most convenient choice for everyone!

How does it work?

$15 Clutter Consultation
I will visit your home and assess how many loads it will take to collect your clutter.
(This fee will be deducted from service amount)

STEP 1: Sort
We will separate your items into our bins for you. 
STEP 2: Collect
We will load and haul away your items to our local thrifts and recycling facility.
STEP 3: Renew
Reclaim your space while helping the community and the Earth!

We also provide large, single item pickups for $25 per item. Our dedicated team will conveniently come to your location and load the items onto our truck, which will then be transported to our local, charity thrift store. We will happily breakdown any items for you for a small $5 fee. 

Additionally, we are delighted to offer valuable advice on how to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle by utilizing the local resources and services available in Chattanooga.

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